Apaf-1 Bcl-2 ArchaeopteryxE tabbed display example

This displays two phylogenies. See the phyloXML input data by clicking here (the corresponding configuration file is available here).

Data is from:
Zmasek C.M., Zhang Q., Ye Y., and Godzik A. (2007).
Surprising complexity of the ancestral apoptosis network.
Genome Biology, 8:R226.
[F1000] [PubMed] [Genome Biology] [PDF] [Google Scholar]

Does the applet not display properly?
Archaeopteryx requires at least Java 1.5 (also called Java 5). To determine which version of Java your web browser is using, please visit [javatester] or [java.com].
Java is available for download at [java.com]


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